Sex-based segregation.

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Society
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For the first time in almost a year, I went to a party in Belgium*. And WOW, I’m not just anymore to the Belgian parties. Mainly for two (interconnected) reasons. The first I’ve called sex-based segregation. The second has a less dramatic ring to it. It’s simply the feeling that, unlike in Cracow, people don’t go out to have fun, but to give some kind of a show. It’s the big look-at-me-how-much-fun-I-have-show.

Let’s keep things pragmatic, uncomplicated, simple, moronic, … or lets just call it anthropologic. While entering the bar/club somewhere deep into West-Vlaanderen, we notice that it’s a crowded place. The music is based on an easy understandable beat. About 20% of the people are dancing. A vast majority of the people were male. Yet, the few people dancing are mainsly female. At one side of the main room, there is a ca. 50 cm high stage, I guess around 1 m in depth.

It’s exactly this little stage that made everything so weird for me. On stage there were quite a lot of girls dancing. In front of the stage there were mainly guys, some of them dancing. After 9 months in Catholic Poland, returning to religionless Belgium, I thought: This is the most restricted (and saddest) situation I’ve ever seen! But I quickly remembered that in most places in Belgium it goes exactly like this. So I shouldn’t blame the bar, just the Belgians and there unreligious and yet extremely catholic morals and disciplines.

I’m sure that everyone can imagine what I mean by the look-at-me-how-much-fun-I-have-show. It’s the stupidity of ordering 5 liter vodka bottles with fireworks on top. It’s the show that guys put up to get attention from girls. It is all the energy and the expenses made not for the sake of having a genuinely good and fun time. The goal is different.

In Cracow people go out to have fun. Instead of the physical separation between the sexes, everybody just dances on the same dance floor with each other. There is no need for fireworks and fancy moves. Ultimately, dancing and talking together is a far better way to meet new people (no shit!). So even though it isn’t the goal of the night (because simple, honest fun is the goal), it even scores better in this category than the Belgian-style.

* Don’t you guys worry about me. It was only the first time in a year because I was living in Poland for almost a year!

Post Frustrationem: Lame.


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