The past weekend I went with a couple of friends on a small holiday to the North Sea near France. Obviously we had some nice drinks, saw some historical buildings, etc. But what struck me at some point was how strange our list of favorite music has become throughout the years! Nine years ago we were metal heads. Non of us has really dropped metal totally. But after many years of active listening and searching we have a really odd mix of metal, jazz, rap, rock, classic, … When you put them next to each other it’s a bit strange. I feel somehow proud about my musical open mindedness!

Anyway, just check these songs and you guys will get it:

Sunless 97 – Aurora I
Burzum – Dunkelheit
David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time
The Strokes – Tap Out
Philip Glass – Etoile Polaire / Etruscomania
Buckethead – Sled Ride
Amesoeurs – Video Girl
XXYYXX – About You
The White Stripes – Jolene
Wes Montgomery – Four on Six
Lifelover – I love (to hurt) you
Crucifix – Fragz
Les Discrets – Le Mouvement Perpetuel
Chopin – Tristesse
Lupe Fiasco – ITAL (Roses)
. . .

This is actually just a quick list of my favorites and doesn’t mention stuff from my friends like Wildstylez, Rick Ross and all the others! There are plenty of names missing. But besides the different artists, I’m aware that there are also still a lot of music genres that I haven’t explored at all…


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