Philosopher and entrepreneur.

Posted: August 16, 2013 in (Un)employment
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Lately, I have been thinking about starting my own business, like maMarx intended. Fighting alienation and wage labor!

I’m often surprised how negative my former fellow students are about starting your own business. What will you do? What can you do? During all those years at university we haven’t learned anything sell-able! To be fair, the latter has a lot of truth in it. But I can’t stand all those wanna-be aristocrats with their love for uselessness (at there are quite a lot of those at uni!). It’s true that we didn’t learn market valued skills. What stops you from developing those, either while being a student or afterwards?

At the moment I’m doubting between becoming an electrician or a dessert cook (or both?). Mainly petite-bourgeoisie lowly educated folks* and my leftists university friends find this crazy and literally unthinkable. Only after proposing such a job, their mind opens up and they realise going up the ladder of education doesn’t just change your job opportunities, it enlarges them. You only add things, you aren’t forced to drop others.

“If you have an MA, why should you have a job that requires less…?” they ask.  My dear friends, you can say that I’m just a fool that aspires nothing. Well, to that I say you’re a cunt.

* By this, I mean people who’ve worked their way up. They got a basic education with some skills, worked and learned while working. But once they’ve got kids, they force those kids to study Latin at Highschool because it’s fancy. And God forbid if those kids won’t make it to university! It’s this weird feeling of “we worked hard, now you should get a job behind a desk.” While in fact, nobody is pushing their children harder than these parents and they are all pushing them (at least in Highschool) towards uuuuusesless Latin and Greek.


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