Racism and Homophobia.

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Society
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After spending many years at university, I was honestly convinced that racism and homophobia were things of the past. It wasn’t just a “conviction,” I simply didn’t consider race and sex to be relevant to take into consideration at all! Not surprisingly, the world is larger than the university walls. Behind these walls there is a world in which things I considered belonging to the past are still alive and kicking.

Let’s start in Belgium. A few days ago the head of social services in Antwerp and member of the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), Liesbeth Homans, said in an interview: “Nowadays, racism is mainly used as an excuse for personal failure.” The best way to fight the few still existing forms of racism, according to Homans, is by simply ignoring them. On the same day I saw a fragment of Bill O’Reilly’s opinion about the Oprah-case and racism in general. Both were remarkably similar. The statistics about the number of people discriminated against in their search for a house to rent or a job are easily ignored. Apparently these problems are either irrelevant or somehow belong in the category of “personal failures.”

On a more personal note, every single time that I’m walking around in a city with a black friend he somehow gets confronted with racism. Usually it’s a really nonsensical remark out of the blue. The last one was directed at me and was uttered by a guy in a group of six. From a distance he shouted: “Watch out! There is a nigger walking next to you!” Whether we are in politically black Aalst or red Ghent, it’s always the same shit. As a white guy, it’s something I only notice when I’m around colored people. So maybe fellow colorless people never encountered any form of racism and are honestly unaware if its existence…

Homophobia is, as far as I know, less present in Belgium at the moment. The past Twenty years or so there have been a growing tolerance. Belgium was also one of the first countries to legalising same sex marriage. My frustration came from the reaction of the international community at Russia’s openly anti-gay stance. We know what ridiculous things the latter can puke into the world. But we? Nooo! Especially Jacque Rogge, head of the IOC and a Belgian, was very disappointing. He simply agreed with Russia by saying that the Olympics are a sports event, not a political event. That’s complete and seriously stinking bull crap. By avoiding politics, you in fact accept the political stance taken by Poetin. You comply with his discriminating laws. To comply is to tolerate and prevent/discourage protest.

I’ve never in my whole life heard any even remotely decent argument in favor of racism or homophobia. The source of these societal sicknesses can’t be found in any kind of philosophy or science.

It’s an emotional convulsion. It’s a psychological disease.

Go to a secured mental institution.

You’re a danger to society.

Bugger off.



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