The “USA” is a concept functioning as a fake ideal with no existence of its own.

Based on reason and science.[1]

As critical world citizens, we often have to rethink our beliefs. Following the common sense opinions isn’t a guarantee for success. After the earth moved out of the center of the universe and God appeared to be death, I’m convinced that the next change will be the existence of the so-called United States of America. A myth, created by Europeans to push out poor people into the ocean. Today it’s still used as a tool to push forward specific political ideas. I know that it sounds strange, but follow my arguments and let the mist disappear.

Remember: An open mind is needed. Firm believers are often very difficult to convince with evidence and rational arguments.

FACT: I’ve never in my life seen any scientific study about the existence of the USA.

If the USA would exist, it would in principle be open to scientific investigation.[2] You might claim the USA aren’t empirically noticeable. They are a metaphysical object, out of the scope of scientists. In this case, you should create a rationalistic reasoning on the possible existence. But if the world makes perfectly sense without it, why should we even want to presume its existence?

FACT: I’ve only seen the USA on tv and the internet. It’s not a coincidence that these are the exact same sources of information about Mordor and Potter Town. Who is willing to believe in the power of the ring? … Exactly, I didn’t think so.

If we accept that the USA is a myth, we only need this one rule to explain everything. While when you believe the existence of whatever you see on tv, you either have to believe everything or you have to make a decision on what is true and what isn’t. In the latter you very quickly fall into what the philosophers Maarten Boudry and Johan Braeckman call the “illusion of objectivity.”[3]. You might give an ad hoc solution for every specific problem you encounter, but won’t be able to give a general rule like mine. This makes Willem of Ockham [4] very unhappy!

I think that the USA can be understood as a system of institutional facts created by socinianism that continue to exist because their claims are accepted within the European community, and which that community confuses with verifiable natural facts about the vicissitudes of the human mind.


[1] Will Treab, Contemporary Myths: Pokemon, Dracula, the USA and Free Candy, 2009, University of Braadmege Press, Braadmege, pp. 396.
[2]  Boudry M, Blancke S and Braeckman J, How Not to Attack the Existence of the USA: Philosophical Misconceptions About Methodological Naturalism, p. 5.
[3] Boudry M and Braeckman J, How Convenient! – The Epistemic Rationale of Self-validating Belief Systems, p. 6.
[4] Willem of Ockham, Summa Logicae, 1323 (reprinted 2002), Cambridge University, p. 59.


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