Quicky: Waiting for a Train at the Train Station on a Train Station Bench.

Posted: August 23, 2013 in All kinds of blog posts, often with a very low level content., Quicky
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John Waple – “Excuse me sir, there seems to be a bit of poo on your face.”

“Really? … Oh, you’re right. Haha, this happens nearly every time I go to the lavatory!” – Richard Carrier.

John – “Haha, haven’t we all been there?”

Both – “HAHAHAHAHAlavatoryHAHAHApooHAAAAAAAAAA…AH…OH…gnaahhhh…uhhhhhhh…been there…”

Unfortunately, this everyday event ends with the death of Richard Carrier. The combination of wiping off the feces with his right hand while laughing his ass off created a semiotical deathlock. As a result he defecated his intestines.

This blog post is dedicated to Richard.

We will miss you.

Yolo 😥


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