Hurry! Hurry! Minimum Wage is finally within reach!

Posted: September 5, 2013 in (Un)employment
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The past week I had two exams on different days for one job. Employers lovvvve exams! Spoiler: wast of time.

Just to be clear, I’m not planning to become president of France or CEO of Inbev. The job I applied for is simple. No degrees needed – so please don’t be creative at all! – and it’s paid a minimum wage.

In total, I spent 12 hours on these ridiculous exams. I told them I had a very similar job before. Nevertheless, I had to follow for half a day a future colleague. Watch and learn… Watch and learn a job that is as hard as “1 + 1 = ?” and one I’ve done before. *yaaaaa – waste of time – wwwnnnn*

The second exam was on the internet. I’m not sure whether they assumed I don’t have internet at home or if they feared cheating… If you would see the exam, you would understand that both are an equal mockery. Everybody got ca. 95% on the exams. “Hooray”? No no, I’ll stick to “a waste of time.”

I’ve paid 15 euro for transportation (no refund) and had to turn down other short-term jobs because of this. But then again, those other jobs aren’t any better….

Employers offering a crappy job still assume that they and their offer become number one on the priority list of job-seekers. Unfortunately, they are completely right.



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