A Real Jobber Jobbing Around the Job.

Posted: September 14, 2013 in (Un)employment
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Open the gate, hoist the flags, our new job has arrived. Hooray! Hooray Hooray!

I’ve been unemployed for less than two weeks. Not bad, considering the economic times we’re in!

Why do I go to work instead of staying unemployed and look for a  better job? There are a bunch of obvious answers to this question, but they don’t apply to me.

Money! I don’t want to sound like a smug, but I don’t care about the money. I already have everything what I need in terms of commodities.

Self-respect! This might be true with some jobs, but not mine. I’m a salesman in a market segment without any difference in the product quality. Electricity is electricity.

 Don’t be a leach! I only just graduated and I moved back home. I wouldn’t get any government benefits for nine months. Even after these nine months, the amount I would get would hardly pay the food. So I wouldn’t feel like a leach on society.

The main reason to get job as fast as possible is simply because you’re supposed to have a job. Once you have a job, you can be as lazy as you like. The social pressure/expectations from the people around you disappear. It’s nice and quite…


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