Quicky: Manifest and Latent Racism (2)

Posted: October 27, 2013 in Quicky, Society
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Arrogance seems a key element within racism. In order to make claims about groups of people that often include many millions, you need arrogance to ignore your lack of information and the internal complexity of the selected group.

For good reasons, many people often base their opinions on the news. Within ca. one hour a day they get information about the whole world. Luckily, most of us are wise enough to acknowledge our limitations and try to avoid claims that are all to strong. Only a person with a (slightly) distorted psychological condition can jump from these few bits and bytes of information to general claims.

It’s ok to listen, read, think and, yes, even to judge. But stay open-minded for new information and don’t take too many drastic actions that you can’t reverse.

It’s ok to draw links between race, poverty, education and criminality. But searching connections is like an archaeological endeavour that needs time and resources. Also, when x is connected to y, the one isn’t reduced to the other.


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