Manifest and Latent Racism (3)

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Society
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Every day is a new day full of absolutely crazy remarks about race and religion. Whenever I complain about these issues I say for example “today there were six arrogant bastards who said this and that”.  I never draw any generalising conclusion from this. I’ve never said that all the white middle class people in Belgium (or Flanders) are racist fuckheads. Not only harsh and unfounded words, but also the easy jump from particulars to large groups of people is a crucial part of racism.

Everybody around me agrees that the remarks I hear every day are insane. At the same time, in multiple occasions the same people will draw from one (!) comment by a muslim a conclusion about the whole of Islam and all its participants. They don’t seem to notice their own change of words.

“Person X said this, therefore, they are all this and that.”

Why can’t we talk about the sexist fuckhead with the beard in the same way as we talk about the racist fuckhead with his gnome in his front yard? In a situation with muslims or blacks, there seems this automatic generalisation. As if they’re all the same anyway, right?


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