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(2) By the law of excluded middle, either ‘A is B’ or ‘A is not B’ must be true. Hence either ‘the present King of France is bald’ or ‘the present King of France is not bald’ must be true. Yet if we enumerated the things that are bald, and then the things that are not bald, we should not find the present King of France in either list. Hegelians, who love a synthesis, will probably conclude that he wears a wig.” Russell (B.), “On Denoting” In: Mind, New Series, Vol. 14, No. 56 (Oct., 1905), p. 485.

Doctor B. ain’t liking Hegel’s dissing on formal logic and the dialectical logic on the meta level!


One should add the comical role of being-there-just-to-prove-that-one-is-not-an-idealist role invented by Kant […] things are there but play no role except that of mute guardians holding the sign. We deny that we deny the existence of an outside reality. Quite a function well worth hapless ‘things in themselves’.” B. Latour – “The promises of constructivism” In: Chasing Technoscience: Matrix of Materiality, Don Idhe (ed.), Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 2003, p. 32.

Kant, dat bitch of Latour!

Philosophical, true idealism consists in nothing else but laying down that the truth about things is that as such immediately single, i.e., sensuous  things, they are only a show, an appearance (Schein). […] [N]ot even the animals are so stupid as these metaphysicians; for they go after things, seize and consume them.” Hegel – Philosophy of Nature. In: Hegel, The Essential Writings, Weiss (F.G.) (ed.), p. 205.

Oh Snap!